In Support of Compliance

The ATLAS Lift Coach program is designed to help hospitals meet compliance requirements.

ATLAS Leads The Way

Eric Race participates in Stanford's ground-breaking Risk Authority webinar.

Safety, Satisfaction & Savings

Care delivery organizations select ATLAS to optimize their SPHM programs.

clinical header 

I Provide Patient Care. 

headshot of clinician 

My safety and the safety of my patients are important to me.​

ATLAS educate​d me about complex safe patient handling tasks and trained me to care for patients in a safe and supportive way that preserves their dignity while ensuring my safety. ​​​​​​​​

Financial Header  

I’m from Finance.  

Costs for adverse patient events and caregiver injuries concern me.

ATLAS' proven SPHM program delivers a measurable and significant return on investment while providing benchmarks for success.

headshot of financial  ​

Quality and Risk Header  

I assess Risk.​​​​​

headshot of quality/risk  

And I am concerned about the overall culture of safety in my organization.​

ATLAS gives me the tools to reduce the costs of SPHM associated risks, demonstrate quantifiable success to the team and support them in their efforts to improve performance.​​

TOGETHER we’ll create a culture of safe patient handling and mobility nationwide.
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Employees come to us from varied business backgrounds including, EMT, paramedics, military, public service (firefighter), healthcare, and more.