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Our iOS application allows for centralized communication and coordination of all mobility activities in your facility. It provides real-time access to Mobility Technicians and Transporters, including the one-site Program Manager. Paired with all of our Mobility Solutions, it guides and supports hospital leadership through decisions that impact complications due to immobility. Our hardware in development will complete our Total Mobility Solution.


Our solution integrates evidence-based best practices with your facility’s resources to create a customized solution that meets the needs of your clinician and patient populations with our people, process, software and hardware in development. Our expertly trained Mobility Technicians work on-site at your facility, providing Mobility support which includes Falls, HAPI Patient Transport and Safe Patient Handling and Mobility. Mobility Technicians are available on a scheduled or emergency basis providing continuous rounding on the units, as well as in-unit and bedside training. Our Mobility Technicians are able to capture leading, lagging and real-time indicators through our Mobility Cloud Software to guide and supply evidence to hospital leadership for decisions that impact complications due to immobility.

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Features and Benefits

Atlas Mobility Cloud Software Offers Powerful Benefits:
Evaluate the efficiency of our solutions
Document bedside training
Measure patient mobility
Plan for equipment par levels and acquisition
Document care staff participation
Store and synthesize this data
Provide management with a wide array of analytics about the program and patient safety
Mobility Cloud Software Helped to Produce Compelling Outcomes:
appropriate usage of SPHM equipment achieved5
the number of care staff trained by Mobility Technicians on SPHM technology5
number of hours Atlas saves care staff in a 12 hour shift assisting in patient mobilization6
lower total SPMH related injury costs5

Facility Analytics

Atlas Mobility Cloud Software documents the details of each task performed facility-wide, including response times, equipment used, a task performed, mobility level of the patient and location.


Privacy and Security

HIPAA compliant without sacrificing efficiency or availability. Only authorized users may access the software through unique user login credentials


Dedicated Program Managers

They provide program oversight to drive success and sustainability, all KPIs derived from Atlas Software


Assessments and IFUs

Our Software houses all SPHM equipment IFUs and pertinent mobility assessments for Atlas Mobility Technicians to utilize along side clinicians at the bedside


Atlas Mobility Tracker

Mobility Tracker focuses on Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM). It tracks SPHM-related activity, equipment utilized, patient mobility levels, training to support state compliance, protocol adherence and patient and staff safety

Atlas HAPI Tracker

HAPI Tracker focuses on HAPI prevention by tracking activities such as q2H turns, q2H boosts, q2H micro shifts and checking for foreign objects in a patient's bed, all done continuously. It also documents pressure injuries found by care staff including location, severity, and sensor readings. Additionally, it tracks pressure injury causing lines, tubes and drains, barrier cream and boot usage, patient incontinence, heel position and the number of layers utilized under the patient.


Atlas Transport Tracker

Transport Tracker focuses on intra-hospital patient transport, enables improvement of transport round trip time, wait times and gives times back to care staff.

The Atlas Assessment. Why take it?

Assess, measure and analyze your mobility solutions with the Atlas Mobility Toolkit. Gain access to helpful tools and resources to take your patient and caregiver safety efforts related to mobility to the next level.